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We provide technical and sales consulting services for advanced materials and processes

We represent unique solutions of advanced materials and specialty process equipment

We provide detailed tutorials and market studies to support employee growth, business development and M&A.


Our staff has long term, in-depth knowledge of entire value chain that utilize advanced materials and composites, from the raw material suppliers to the OEM’s. We maintain technical depth  in several aspects of advanced materials, allowing us to provide high quality, cost effective, and focused solutions for our customers


Part time technical, sales, and business resources in the chemical, plastics, and composites industries. CompositeTechs' expert staff has in-depth knowledge of the latest supplier base and technologies delivered, allowing us to provide high-quality, cost-effective, and focused solutions. We work as a team, so when you hire us, you gain access to our entire staff for all your specialized needs, as they arise.


Services you

can trust.

CompositeTechs has filled the gaps for many companies interested in getting into high performance thermoplastic composites. We have performed analyses to convert from thermoset to thermoplastic designs, set up green field facilities, established manufacturing lines for thermoplastics in existing thermoset and plastic thermoforming facilities, and generated detailed technical tutorials and in-depth market studies for our clients.


For more on green composites and thermoplastic composites info, click here.

  • Product Design, Analysis, Material Selection

  • Process Development, Specification

  • In-Depth Knowledge of Supplier Base

  • Prototype Fabrication

  • Manufacturing Technology Scale-UP

  • Quality Control

  • Cost Management

  • Business Development & Analysis

  • M&A, Due Diligence

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Best Practices

  • Expert Witness

  • IP Definition, Generation

  • Patent Generation, Support


"CompositeTechs' experience with high temperature composites played a major part in helping us win a long term contract using those composites. As a result, we are now a sole source supplier for a large military program, which is still providing us with solid sales today. They achieved the results we needed, and their support was well worth the investment. It was a pleasure to work with them."

 - Vice President, Aerospace/Defense Company

"I hired (CompositeTechs consultant) to support business development of my composite preform business. He was able to grasp the technical details of my business quickly. For two years he successfully brought in international work, negotiated a major program on my behalf, and worked with my existing program managers to formalize their in-house processes. I continue to work with him today on new opportunities in my business as they arise.“

- Owner, Composite Preform, Small Business

"I hired CompositeTechs to help my company in the areas of business development and sales. I was very happy when they successfully identified a customer and closed a major sale less than six months after coming on board. The contacts in the industry that they brought to the table were very valuable. They were able to open doors for us that we had never opened before.”

- President, Composite Parts Supplier

"In the past year they have identified and pursued numerous composite opportunities in different industries. Based on their SOA knowledge of the industry, they recommended a specific version of a prepreg that has allowed us to manufacture a complex part for qualification and future production. They have identified a buyer for our waste stream, and have helped in addressing technical problems. We will continue to maintain a strong relationship with them as we move forward."

- President, Composite Parts Manufacturer, Mid-Size Business



 Our staff has extensive relationships with technical and purchasing leaders in the value chain, from raw materials suppliers to converters to assemblers to OEM’s in several industries. This allows us to take a fresh approach to identifying and bringing in new sales for your product lines. Target industries include:

  • Aerospace
  • Space 

  • DoD 

  • Oil and Gas 

  • Automotive 

  • Medical

  • Mining 

  • Sports and Recreation 

  • Infrastructure

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64 S. Hampton Rd.

Amesbury, MA 01913


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