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CompositeTechs Supports High -Performance Products in the Advanced Materials Industry

Gordon Plastics Thermoplastics Unitape

 Gordon Plastics  manufactures thermoplastic unitape prepreg from a variety of resins and fibers , including carbon/PEEK. They are a US owned company with products manufactured in Colorado, and maintain the highest level of quality with an affordable cost. For more information,  contact us.


Americarb High Temperature Materials

Americarb is a leading global producer of carbon and graphite advanced materials, including servicing the carbon/carbon and ceramic composites industries of all shapes and sizes, and extensive experience with heat treating materials For more information, contact us.


Airborne Automation Systems

Airborne provides innovative automation systems for advanced composites. Our products include automated kitting, automated honeycomb potting, automated laminating, automated preforming and automated edge sealing.  For support in North America, contact us.


Hypetex Colored Composite Reinforcement

Hypetex is the leader in colored carbon fiber and other advanced composite materials. Using a sustainable water-based system, a wide spectrum of visually stunning quality colored advanced textile materials  reduce part finishing time and eliminate paint systems. For more information,  contact us.

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